Bums on seat

Bums on seat

Today I am reviewing Bums on Seats.

This is written by my client, Francesca Moi, and her lovely, as she calls her,

sister from another mother, Natasa Denman. Now, Francesca is well known as The MeetUp Queen,

and Natasa is known as The 48 Hour Author guru. And one of the things that they noticed

is that they consistently have a lot of people at their events, and a lot of people were saying,

“Well, how do you do that?” And this book, Bums on Seats, really is very informative.

It basically takes the best of all of their experience and combines it.

Now, they also run a, I believe it’s a two-day workshop, a masterclass, on getting bums on seats.

And I have attended that, and that was very good as well, but this book, also, it gives you the

information that you need. And I do highly recommend this one. And they talk about to promote,

prepare, and profit because there’s no point in preparing and running your event if nobody turns up.

And so, they talk a little bit about mindset. They talk about collaborating with other people, but they also talk about, step by step, the practical things that each of them does before an event, to get the event full. And I do highly recommend this if you’re running events, and especially if you’re not exactly sure why you’re not getting a lot of people along, or, even if you’re getting a lot of people, and you want to increase the numbers that you’re getting. And the various tips and tricks that they talk about.

Various strategies that have used for them. They talk about paid advertising if it gets to that.

Although I know they say that’s really something they will only consider further down the track.

They talk about collaborating with other people, inviting other groups to your event. They also talk about why, the mindset around why people sometimes don’t book into your event, and that’s quite useful. Another thing that they cover is Facebook. How do you raise your profile generally on Facebook

to get more people to get to know about you and come to your event? So this Bums on Seats is packed chock-full of really practical and useful tips and information if you want to get people to your event.

Now, if you would like your book reviewed, please contact me, send me a personal message. My slots for book reviews are filling up very fast and it is going to be on a first come, first serve basis.

My name is Cathryn Warburton and I am the Legal Lioness.


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