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Follow Me!

I am reviewing Francesca Moi’s book “Follow Me!” Now, if you have not

heard of Francesca Moi, and you’re in Australia, maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock a little bit. Francesca has had a meteoric rise to popularity and celebrity, and Francesca is known as the Meetup queen. And this book, here, “Follow Me,” is really a guidebook on how to become a Meetup success, or how to have successful Meetup groups. Meetup is an online platform that you can use to invite people to functions and meetings. So you can create your own group. And in this book … and if you enjoy it, I really recommend that you go on Francesca’s courses because she explains it in a

lot more depth in her courses, but pretty much this book is almost a how-to guide on how to

create Meetup success. So in this book, she talks about all the steps that she’s taken, and she’s done a lot of trial and error, and she’s built an incredibly successful following. And just, I thought I’d give

you three tips out of her book. So one of her tips is building credibility through Facebook, which is … it helps your credibility when you run meetings and helps you get more people into your meetings, and she explains exactly how to do that. Then, she’s got an important section about overcoming Meetup pitfalls, and for the uninitiated, if you’re running meetings to start with, basically, everything that can go wrong is it’s good to know about in advance so that you can prepare for it and try and make sure that it

doesn’t go wrong for you, and just how to be organized in case things don’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. And then, throughout, she’s got a whole lot of sayings that are very useful, very much mindset-enhancing kind of things, but one of the things is “perfection is the enemy of creativity and success.”

So Francesca’s philosophy is, basically, done is better than perfect, get off your feet, go ahead, produce your group, and then raise your profile, and create your following. And that’s what this book is all about. t’s not exclusively about Meetup. It’s about creating a following on a whole lot of different platforms, so it could be Meetup, it could be Facebook, and how they all interlink. And if you’re not a social media guru in relation to your busvarious seminars and workshops,

and still I found this book, iness, I highly recommend this book. I learned so much from

going to Francesca’s although it does repeat some of the things she says in her workshops, I found

this book really good because it was a good go-to guide. And she’s very generous

with her knowledge. Pretty much, what she does, she’s put in the boo And so if you want a meteoric rise

to raise your profile, and you’re looking for some guidance, some step-to-step help,

this is the book for you. My name is Cathryn Warburton, and if you would like your book reviewed in my little book club here, send me a personal message, or down there maybe, send

me a personal message and we’ll see if we can review your book. Now, I do have quite a few

books already to review, so get in quick before the slots fill up. I’m Cathryn Warburton, the Legal Lioness, and I can’t wait to see your book.


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