We draft and review contracts, Terms & Conditions, disclaimers, privacy policies, social media releases, contractor agreements.

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With more than four decades of legal experience between them, our lawyers have seen businesses fall into the same legal traps time and again.


Getting the legalities right from the start can be simple, and do not have to cost the earth.


One of the biggest advantages of getting the legal essentials right as soon as possible in your business, is that it can save a significant amount of costs (tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) in the future.


One of our clients told us that she lost about $40,000 by not having proper contracts in place with her clients at the start of a business. Once we drafted the contracts which clearly set out each side’s rights and obligations, she has had no problems with underpaying clients.


In another case, a small business owner went into business with a friend. She came to us when things went wrong, and said she had wished that she had spoken to us at the start. The questions that we asked her within the first 10 minutes of meeting her, and the answer is that she gave, showed her that her and her friend would never have been a good business fit. There were aspects of the business and legal relationship that she simply had not thought about in advance, and if she had come to us first, she would have saved a lot of heartache, lost money and lost friendship. If they still had press ahead with their business relationship, they would have been able to ended in a way that still maintained their friendship, and minimised the financial loss on both sides.

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