Protecting your greatest business asset

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It is helpful to remember that Intellectual property (IP) is not physical property, like land or equipment. It is, for example, the right to monopolise:

  • a name (trade mark)
  • an invention (patent)
  • a design (registered design)
  • copying or modifying (copyright)

Some common issues arise for each type of intellectual property. These include:

  • Ownership
  • Protection (which may include registration)
  • Enforcement
  • Commercialisation

Avoiding inadvertently infringing other’s rights

  • Obtaining the correct intellectual property protection can save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Getting the right advice early on can help you to set up your intellectual property to best effect and avoid costly mistakes that are difficult to fix.
  • Registered intellectual property rights can add substantially to the value of your business.

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