Webinar List For VIP Ninja Secrets Club

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  1. FREE introductory webinar – Why Ignoring Intellectual Property Can Doom Your Business To Failure
    1. 3 most common (and costly) intellectual property mistakes businesses make (with real-life examples)
    2. Ninja secrets to avoid those mistakes
  1. Copyright secrets
    1. Latest copyright infringement scare
    2. Who owns copyright in your logos / websites (you might be surprised)
    3. Mark your work for maximum protection
  1. Trade mark registration basics
    1. What is a trade mark registration and why do I need one?
    2. How does the registration process work?
    3. What things can invalidate my trademark registration?
  1. What exactly is intellectual property?
    1. different types of IP
    2. how they relate to your business
  1. Top 3 trade mark tips
    1. Select an easy to register TM
    2. Which form of TM should be registered (words / logos)
    3. Select one that does not infringe
  1. Business and company names versus trademarks
    1. Why having a business and/or company name won’t stop you from getting sued for trade mark infringement
    2. Outsmarting Trade Mark Trolls
    3. Immunising your business against trade mark infringement action
  1. Avoiding infringing trade marks / patents / designs
    1. avoiding design or patent infringement issues
    2. avoiding trademark infringement issues
    3. outsmarting trade mark trolls
  1. Copyright in your business
    1. Avoid the basic copyright mistake that cost one of New Zealand’s biggest businesses over $1 million (This simple trick will not cost you a cent to implement).
    2. Do you actually own copyright in your logo
    3. IP clauses and employment and contractor agreements
  1. Copyright on social media
    1. what you can’t do
    2. how to prevent others infringing your copyright
  1. 3 intellectual property moneymaking strategies
    1. building a cult brand
    2. licensing
    3. franchising
  1. Innovation in business
    1. can or should anything you produce be protected by patent or registered design?
  1. Marking eg TM ® © patent pending, patent registered, design pending
    1. what do these things mean, and when can I use them?
  1. Domain name versus trademarks
    1. how trademarks impact domain names
    2. domain name pitfalls and how to avoid them
    3. domain name disputes
  1. Uncovering the hidden harvest of your existing intellectual property
    1. 3 top Ninja Secrets for discovering the hidden intellectual property harvest in your business
  1. Franchising basics for your business
    1. 3 top Ninja Secrets Franchising Tips