Charities and Community Involement

At Acacia Law we like to give back to the community.


Acacia Law sponsors a free facebook page to help job-seekers in Queensland, and primarily in the Ipswich area. In the first 6 months, the page received more than 400 members in its first 6 months.

Acacia Law partner, Cathryn Warburton, was inspired when she advertised for a part-time staff member. As a mother of two special needs children, she advertised on a special needs parents facebook page and within 10 minutes had 15 incredible applicants, any one of whom could have filled the position. This made her realise that there are many people out there, particularly parents wanting to return to work, who need to be matched with businesses who are seeking employees.


We encourage our staff to volunteer to knit for the Wraps With Love charity, which makes blankets which are distributed to aid agencies in 75 different countries and are often donated to communities after natural disasters, such as the 1000 “wraps” (blankets) donated to Nepal after the 2015 earth quake.

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A few of the Squares Donated to “Wraps With Love” by Acacia Law Staff


Acacia Law supports Ipswich Women’s Refuge. In addition to attending the 2015 fundraising afternoon tea, Acacia Law acts as a collection point for clothing and other donations for the Refuge. These donations are passed onto the Refuge. In the first 6 months of 2015, Acacia Law has delivered more than 35 large bags of clothing and other items to contacts at the Refuge. The collection continues through Acacia Law clients and social media contacts.

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