Revealing your business magic on social media or in a book.

Revealing your business magic on social media or in a book.

I have a client who wrote a book, she had a book and then she also created a course. She obviously wanted people to come on the course, she created the book really to create interest in the course. She wanted people to come on a course, but was quite concerned that some people were buying the book instead of coming on her course because it contained similar information. 

She said to me “I didn’t know, they would have read the book and would be able to use that information, and follow the processes in the book without coming on the course.” Which is the whole point, that’s why they buy the book and whether they buy it from you, or secondhand, that’s what they’re entitled to do. They’re not entitled to copy any of the material in the book. So checklists for example, they’re not allowed to go copy them and give them to other people, or even copy them and use them in their own business. 

But they are entitled to fill them in, in the book and use that for their business. So if you have information that you want to incorporate into your course, and you have written or are going to write a book, make sure that the elements that you prefer to teach personally, are retained for your course. Otherwise, you provide that information to people who buy your book. The other way to look at it is that the book will show people, your knowledge and your skill. 

Generally, people don’t find a book as helpful as actually doing the actual course. The book will show them that you know what you’re talking about, and many people will want you to actually teach them that information. Even if it’s in the book, some people want the author to teach them. But if there is something that you want to keep to yourself and it’s something you only want to reveal on a paid course, such as processes or strategies that you don’t want people to know about. Then don’t put them in your book, because people can use them from your book. My name is Cathryn Warburton, and my clients call me The Legal Lioness.

Cathryn Warburton About the author

The Legal Lioness. Overcoming severe bullying as a child instilled in her a passion to protect others. As a skilled litigator, she indulges in her dream to push-back against business-bullies who target her clients. She is an international award-winning lawyer and patent attorney and 5-time published author. Cathryn bullet-proofs her client’s businesses and protects them like a mama lioness protecting her cubs. She makes sure that no business is left without access to affordable, easy-to-understand legal information. She does this through her books, proactive legal workshops and 1-2-1 legal services.