Business too small to get trademark protection.

Business too small to get trademark protection.

Is your business too small to get trademark protection? I don’t think so, certainly you need to meet your main obligations first.

You need to be able to pay your rent, you need to be able to pay your electricity, you need to be able to pay your staff. But very soon, one of your priorities is to protect your business, and one way of doing that is getting a trademark registered. It’s important to do it quite early, because going through the trademark registration process will show you whether or not there are already existing trademarks, which you might be inadvertently infringing. 

If you do infringe somebody’s trademark, it could be very costly. So I think it’s never too soon, provided you’ve got enough cash flow to cover it, to be thinking about trademark protection. You don’t want to be only protecting your trademark after you’re making a profit, because if you inadvertently or deliberately infringe somebody else’s trademark, any profits you make, could be claimed by the registered trademark owner. So the sooner, the better when it comes to trademark protection. My name is Cathryn Warburton and I am the legal lioness.

Cathryn Warburton About the author

The Legal Lioness. Overcoming severe bullying as a child instilled in her a passion to protect others. As a skilled litigator, she indulges in her dream to push-back against business-bullies who target her clients. She is an international award-winning lawyer and patent attorney and 5-time published author. Cathryn bullet-proofs her client’s businesses and protects them like a mama lioness protecting her cubs. She makes sure that no business is left without access to affordable, easy-to-understand legal information. She does this through her books, proactive legal workshops and 1-2-1 legal services.