Why Successful People Do Dumb Things

Why Successful People Do Dumb Things


Why Successful People Do Dumb Things

Today I am reviewing Why Successful People Do Dumb Things. This is by my client,

Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, and it was published a couple of years now, I think, a couple of years ago now. And it’s subtitle is 9 Steps To Help You Feel As Successful On The Inside

As You Are On The Outside. Now Lindsay is a clinical psychologist, and I think he’s hit the nail on the head, where sometimes we’ve got the trappings of success we do things that other

people looking on the outside might think wow she’s successful, she won a business award,

she hired a new staff member, she’s got videos on Facebook, she’s amazing.

But then on the inside, sometimes we’re not doing so well. And sometimes, like this guy,

there’s a bit of self-sabotage going on. And so what Lindsay addresses is your autopilot.

Why we automatically think and do certain things. And then, more importantly, what we can do to switch from being run by autopilot. I love the little illustrations. (laughs) It really, it’s not a boring book at all. So this one is basically about your values weighing you down, and there are a lot of

practical exercises in this book that you can do or go through yourself. It calls them The Clever Brain Exercise. And so, it’s really challenging your thinking, and thinking about what you’re thinking, and getting to the answer of why do clever people do dumb things. And if you’re one of

those people who feels I don’t really feel like I’m successful even though I’m so much better than I was, even though I’ve created a good business, I’ve won business awards, or maybe you haven’t even gotten to that level yet, maybe you’re still struggling at the beginning of your business. I highly recommend this

book for you to think about what you’re thinking about, and seeing if a slight mindset

change might make you feel really good on the inside, and maybe see you the way others see you So this book is by Lindsay Spencer-Matthews. If you would like your book reviewed by me,

please send me a message because slots are filling up really fast. My name is Cathryn Warburton,

and I am The Legal Lioness.


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