How can I start actually developing my invention ideas?

How can I start actually developing my invention ideas?

I’m having trouble mechanically conceptualising my ideas for inventions.

Some of us are big picture people, and others are more focused on details. That is perfectly okay, but to succeed you will need to get some help from people more focused on the details who are also skilled in mechanical ideas.

To do this will require money and/or a business partnership. I recommend a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the people you are going to get assistance from to start with followed up with a patent (assuming your idea is patentable) once you have a working prototype.

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The Intellectual Property Guru. His determination to protect innovation stems from a family legacy in which his grandfather, a genius inventor, had his innovations stolen and patented by someone he trusted, which led to his grandfather dying a pauper on a park bench. Mark is an international award winning lawyer and patent attorney and 3-time published author. His prowess in the court room sees him winning cases that others thought were unwinnable. Mark’s passion for protecting intellectual property shines through in his pro-bono legal mentoring, proactive legal workshops and 1-2-1 work with clients.