Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!


Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! Isn’t that an amazing title? This is written by Greg Dennis also known as Farmer Gregie.

He’s one of my clients, and he is just the most down to earth Aussie farmer that you ever can imagine.

But he’s also very insightful and Farmer Gregie shares in Holy Cow the strife and struggles

of being a dairy farmer. Having had generations of dairy farmers in the family. The struggles of the dairy industry in Austraila, the price wars, and where he’s heading towards really, is he’s heading towards a cooperation between dairy farmers so that they don’t have to rely on the massive corporations. But this is really an interesting book, because in part, it’s a memoir, and talks of his upbringing and where he’s from. But it also has a message, not only to other farmers

and big corporations, but how the actions of everyday Aussies affect the farming industry. And how sometimes complacency is not the best thing for the farming industry. It’s just very insightful and in parts, it’s quite fun and heartwarming, and in parts, it’s a little bit heartbreaking.

But Gregie has, unlike the usual farmer, he’s not going to sit

back and let circumstances overtake him and his industry. And how he has become a

very sought after speaker. That’s him speaking. A very sought after speaker, he’s very inspirational. So, this little book, Holy Cow, is a great read and I know that Farmer Gregie uses the proceeds of sales of his book to further his, I don’t think he would call it activism, but his activity, so that our dairy farmers are not left in the dirt. And our dairy farmers are not left to the will of large corporations.

He is a man on a mission, who’s trying to change the industry. And whether you’re involved

in that industry or not, this is a very interesting and insightful read. Would you like your book reviewed by me? Let me know, be in touch. Slots are filling up really quickly. My name is Cathryn Warburton, and I am The Legal Lioness.



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